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vanadium ore
Vanadium is a grayish, malleable, ductile, metal. In situ, vanadium is found in numerous minerals, including magnetite, titanomagnetite, vanadinite and carnotite.

Vanadium is usually found naturally as vanadium pentoxide and can be sold either as vanadium pentoxide (V2O5), or processed into ferrovanadium for industrial use such as steel-making.

Uses of Vanadium:
  • Vanadium has some similar applications to those of Molybdenum.
  • 85% of vanadium consumption is used for the steel alloys used for tools, buildings, bridges, automobiles, pipelines and machinery operating at high temperatures.
  • Vanadium is also used in the aerospace and military industries as a strategic metal.
  • Vanadium is also used for chemical and pharmaceutical purposes.
  • Vanadium is also used for the Redox Battery.
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