Soft Wave



02/15/2018 Stina Adds Extensive Mining and Business Experience with Appoitnment of New Director
02/05/2018 Stina Announces Purchase of Assets of Battery Manufactuer Gildemeister
12/21/2017 Stina Strengthens Board With New Director
12/13/2017 Stina Metallurgical Tests Shows Vanadium Extraction Levels Exceeding 90%
12/4/2017 Stina AnnouncesDrill Program at Bisoni McKay and Bisoni - Rio, Nevada
11/22/2017 Stina Announces Court Approval of Purchase of Gildemeister Energy Storage GmbH
11/20/2017 Stina Enters Battery Collaboration with PNNL and University of Calgary
11/16/2017 Stina Announces Definitive Agreement for Acquisition of Pure Vanadium
11/3/2017 Stina Signs Purchase Agreement for Energy Storage Company
11/1/2017 Stina Announces Resignation
10/16/2017 Stina Closes $3,000,000 Over-subscribed Financing
09/28/2017 Stina Announces Arrangement of Financing
09/12/2017 Stina Announces Trading on the OTCQB
08/22/2017 Stina Announces New Director
07/31/2017 Stina Resources to Conduct Vanadium Metallurgical Testing
07/18/2017 Stina Announces First Step in Due Diligence in Evaluation of Acquisition of Pure Vanadium
07/17/2017 Stina Grants Options to Directors and Consultants
07/17/2017 Stina To Evaluate Acquisition Of Key Technology Company Involved In The Development Of Vanadium—Based Electrolytes For Grid—Scale Batteries
07/07/2017 Stina Announces Closing of Private Placement
06/28/2017 Stina Appoints Skanderberg Capital Advisors for IR
06/27/2017 Stina Resources Extends Expiry Date and Reprices Warrants
06/20/2017 Stina Announces Private Placement and Change of Management
06/19/2017 Stina Increases it's Vanadium Assets in Nevada
06/06/2017 Stina Significantly Expands Its Vanadium Assets in Nevada
05/30/2017 Stina To Advance Bisoni McKay Project in Nevada
05/05/2017 Stina Amends Finder Fee on Private Placement
05/04/2017 Stina Adds James Morin to the Board
04/25/2017 Stina Completes Private Placement
04/21/2017 Stina Appoints Hammond to the Board
04/11/2017 Stina Increases Private Placement
03/31/2/017 Stina Appoints Stecyk to the Board
03/13/2017 Stina Clarifies Private Placement
03/13/2017 Stina Announces Private Placement
2/17/2017 Stina Warrant Extension and Re-pricing
1/17/2017 Stina Installs Soft Wave at Hillcrest Center
11/22/2016 Stina To Install Soft Wave at UBC Thunderbird Sports Complex
11/21/16 Stina Completes Private Placement
11/9/16 Stina Re announces Private Placement
10/27/16 Stina Installs Second Soft Wave Unit at PNE Pacific Coliseum
10/19/16 Stina Installs First of Two Soft Wave Units at Pacific Coliseum
09/13/16 Stina Re-Submits Technical Report On Bisoni Mckay Property
09/13/16 Stina Elects to Drop Interest in KC Copper Property
08/23/16 Soft Wave CSA Update


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